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Commander Messiah is set to release his much anticipated album dubbed “Cry of the Sufferor”

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CRY OF THE SUFFEROR Album, is a great Album everyone need to listen to because this album is talking about the people and the pain they go through.

When you see the pain of the people of Mushi,shita,alaba, ajekole agegey, Gole where he is from and also grew up in Ghana Live in Nima ,Chorkor, agbogloshie, and most of the zongos , the politicians don’t care about us , they only want power to suppress the people.

He was motivated through this,That’s why he named this Album CRY OF THE SUFFEROR, and the people behind this wonderful album, are great people of the world.

Mr Alan Leg from Canada who stud up to make this album come to life, this album was recorded in South America Guyana, George town, inside (Vizion Sounds record, ) Producer and co-producers : Walter Fraser (Vizion Sound Records)Recording: Akheem Yaw Arrangements and overdub: Dean FraserHarmonies: LMJMixing: Bobby DigitalMastering: Vision Sounds Records UKWritten by: Clifford A Charles, Akheem Yaw, Commander Messiah.

Commander Messiah

From( Yala music Empire🇬🇭🇳🇬)The voice of Africa.

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