July 31, 2021


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Panka spotted with his father for the first time on his Whatsap status

The celebrated artist, entrepreneur, entertainer, digital marketer, content creator and photographer took to his Whatsap status to update a picture with a man who seems to be in his early 60s which he captioned “first time of posing with my father, Gan-Nab Panka Dabuog live long”. As the name sound I can boldly confirm that the man is actually the biological father of Panka.
Panka didn’t end there he went further to update a different picture with his father again behind yet to be yielded millet plants and captioned again “This is the official cover for my new project my father must cash some money”.
Now it’s very clear that Panka is up to a new project but what could be that project? I have been following  Panka  for some time now and I know how good he is when it comes to content creation. I’m yet to get in touch with Panka for more updates on this new project he just disclosed brief about it.
Keep on checking for updates and don’t forget to visit his website at www.pankaartstudio.com to shop all your beautiful art pieces.
Thank you.

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